Masters of the World Gastroenterology Organization Award (MWGO)

WORLD GASTROENTEROLOGY ORGANIZATION, Milwaukee, USA, one of the world’s premier and foremost academic institutions for excellence in Gastroenterology & Endoscopy, has honoured Dr. T.S. Chandrasekar, Chairman & Chief Interventional Gastroenterologist of MedIndia Hospitals, Chennai, with the “MASTERS OF THE WORLD GASTROENTEROLOGY ORGANIZATION AWARD”, considered a mark of excellence throughout the world. Prof. Dr. David Bjorkman, Chair, MWGO Award Selection Committee and Past President, World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO), presented the award to Prof. Chandrasekar at Istanbul on 23rd September, 2019, It is laudable and noteworthy to mention here that Dr. Chandrasekar is THE THIRD INDIAN GASTROENTEROLOGIST TO RECEIVE THE AWARD.

This recognition has been conferred on him by the WORLD GASTROENTEROLOGY ORGANIZATION, in view of his exceptional professional contributions to the field of gastroenterology and its related disciplines, and especially his efforts in the less well-developed regions of the world and in service to the populations WGO is focused on. This is the highest honor WGO can bestow and is granted only to those individuals who have provided outstanding dedication to the mission of the WGO and achieved distinction in such areas as scholarly research, teaching, service to WGO and the community at large.